• Michael Anne Pentz

The light within

In Yoga class last night, before savasana, we did a guided meditation where we lit a flame in our heart and as we inhaled, the flame grew brighter, and as we exhaled the flame radiated through our body and out into the room. This light has always been there, and the more we take time to practice, to listen, to pray and meditate, to breathe, to slow down and be mindful, the brighter it shines. I hope that your practice continues to bless you and helps connect you with your own brilliant light. I hope you will continue to feel the flame within your own heart with each inhale and exhale, and that it continues to guide you back home to yourself. That during times of sadness and grief, worry and anxiety, anger and fear, you are able to become centered and find your breath, and feel the warmth of your own light. I hope this flame shines upon the present moment, reminding us to be mindful of every step and every breath. I hope it continues to shine a light on your own self-discovery and leads you on a beautiful journey. I hope you smile and dance and enjoy every moment, because it is a beautiful gift, just to breathe. The light of Love is always shining within you. May the gifts of yoga continue to bless you and may your light shine brightly all year long. Happy Holidays to you and yours! ~Namaste~ Michael Anne

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